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Personal Insurance

We offer the widest possible range of options in personal insurance for you, your family, your home and the things that make life enjoyable. From coverage for your home, health, valuables or loved ones, we’ll advise you on the coverage that best fits your unique needs, making it easy for you to choose complete protection.

Medical Insurance

Personal health insurance products help lower your risk of being burdened by expenses for preventive care or medical bills as a result of an illness or accident. While most health plans provide coverage for various health expenses, there are some gaps that can have a significant impact on your finances. Our experts can introduce you to programs provide access to world-class healthcare and wellbeing programs across the UAE and around the world to provide reassurance to you and your family. Our programs simplify the process of selecting medical coverage and give you the peace of mind that you have the level of insurance that best fulfills your needs.

Depending on your needs, our value-added offerings can be designed to include:


  • Comprehensive coverage for pre-existing and chronic medical conditions
  • Maternity cover up to the highest limit
  • Medical expenses due to work related injuries and illness covered
  • High annual policy limits
  • Optional dental and optical covers
  • Direct billing facility across UAE & Extended to worldwide
  • Prompt re-imbursement of claims
  • Alternative medicine benefits, with annual health check ups
  • Holistic Wellness Plans

Motor Insurance

Accidents happen to even the most careful drivers. Once behind the wheel, the possibility of something going very wrong is very real. As a driver, the life and property of your passengers, fellow drivers, and pedestrians are in your hands. Our bouquet of policies can be tailored to cover the owner/driver, passengers, pedestrians and property affected by a vehicle collision. ​

Choose the motor insurance cover you may require from the below insurance covers:

  • Agency Repair
  • Outside Agency Repair at empaneled premium workshops
  • Third Party Liability
  • Off-Road Assistance
  • Car replacement benefit
  • Natural perils cover

Life Insurance

No matter who you are or what you do, whether you are married, single or taking care of your extended family, the unpredictability of life is something you cannot escape. It is extremely important to prepare for every eventuality and ensure your loved ones are well taken care of even when you are unable to.

Moreover, a robust life insurance plan functions as a sound long-term investment that can help overcome various challenges, which include college education for your children, business capital, and more.

Our experts are on hand to guide you through this process, helping you personalize your life insurance policy so that you don’t need to worry about their financial stability—and you can focus on what truly matters in life.

Travel Insurance

Planning a vacation? Setting aside time to visit family or friends? Whatever prompts you to mark your calendar for a trip, remember to prepare for the unexpected.  When you have travel insurance, you have more options — and fewer worries. Whether you travel outside your city or to another country, it is essential that you are properly protected with insurance that covers any medical expenses that arise due to accidents and death. Additionally, with travel insurance being an important component of visa requirements for overseas travel to many countries, you can rest assured that your travel will be seamless and stress-free.

Our experts can help you choose the right kind of insurance, with covers ranging from Medical Evacuation, Trip Cancellation or Curtailment, Travel Delay, Hazardous Sports, and even Hostage Situations. You can easily access travel insurance products and emergency assistance services globally.

Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents occur with greater frequency than most might think. A serious injury or death can have a financial impact even for two-income families. Home mortgage payments, college education funds and retirement savings may all be jeopardized if liquid assets are not immediately available. Personal Accident Insurance encompasses a broad range of coverage that can provide the necessary financial protection to you and your family in the event of permanent disability, critical injury or loss of limb, even fatalities.

Our experts can help policies that cover:

  • 24-hour worldwide coverage
  • Accidental death or permanent total/partial disablement,
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • A weekly benefit that is indemnified according to the insured’s weekly salaries
  • Medical expenses in case of hospitalization or medical treatment due to an accident.

Pleasure Yachts

Whether you own a small boat or a cruiser, whether you are a weekend angler or an avid sailor, you’ll need insurance for your boat. We can offer comprehensive insurance solutions that are tailored to cover your personal yacht or pleasure craft and let you set sail with peace of mind.

Our team can help tailor policies to cover

  • Motorized speedboats
  • Jet skis
  • Catamarans
  • Water scooters
  • Other sailing crafts

Home Insurance

Owning a home may be your largest single financial investment, so it’s important to protect your property and its contents against unforeseen risks with home insurance. Even as a tenant or a landlord, it is essential to be insured against liabilities or injuries to third parties on your property in addition to protecting your landlord or neighbor’s property. Home insurance protects you from having to pay out a huge amount at once, often at a very difficult and emotional time.

As a homeowner, you need to ensure your house for its rebuilding costs in the event of serious damage or destruction. Typically, additional living expenses are included if you are temporarily unable to live in your home due to an insured loss.

Our experts can offer a choice of policies that offers the flexibility to tailor your coverage to meet your unique needs – including customized options for the structure of your belongings and additional living expenses.

Fine Art Insurance

When you have precious family treasures, or you collect paintings, antiques or sports memorabilia, you know that standard insurance policies are not enough. You need special coverage which by design address the special character of a fine art item, providing cover equal to its value.

Covering these items in your insurance policy is a unique safety net that protects you and your passionate investments against losses due to accident, theft, fire, shipping and loaning, natural disasters and more.

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