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SME Insurance

From assessing your liability exposures, reviewing losses to providing risk management information to helping you determine the current market value of your property, we’re here to help ensure you get the best and right SME Insurance quote to protect your assets, organization, and vision.

Comprehensive Business Guard Insurance

Make sure your business is properly covered for losses you may experience in the event that the physical assets of your business — your building and its contents, including owned or leased equipment, and outdoor fixtures, such as fences and signs — are damaged or destroyed. Without appropriate commercial property insurance coverage, you could be putting the future of your business at risk. We can help prepare for every eventuality with a suite of products that include workmen’s compensation, fire, directors’ and officers’ cover, safe in cash, business interruption, fidelity guarantee, public liability and more.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Whether you run a boutique catering company or sell niche products to bigger stores, it is essential to ensure your delivery vehicles are on the road in top condition.  But with stricter safety rules, heavier traffic volumes and more road accidents, it is vital that businesses are properly protected. Motor fleet insurance is essential for businesses that run at least two company vehicles which may be cars, vans or lorries. Affordable cover can be tailored exactly to the size of the fleet, and to any mix of vehicles or usage.

 Among others, our services provide:

  • Comprehensive cover against damage, fire, theft and third-party claims
  • ‘Driver injury’ cover on most vehicles
  • 24-hour claim and accident helpline
  • Replacement vehicles, so your business continues to run like clockwork

Group Medical Insurance

When it comes to your employees, you need to go the extra mile in order to provide them with safety and stability. This means going beyond monthly remuneration and offering them a premium group insurance policy from a trusted provider. Employer-sponsored benefit plans deliver more than just medical and dental coverage, so the more you understand about these plans, the better.


Group medical insurance is designed to take care of your employees in times of illness and distress or in case of accidents that occur on the job- giving them the peace of mind that they are well taken care of.


We can design your cover to include:

  • Dental & Medical Bills
  • Hospitalization benefits
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability
  • Trusted healthcare providers
  • Supplemental insurance policies

We specialize in locally compliant medical insurance plans for the entire GCC and Arabian Peninsula region.

Having the most extensive knowledge of Benefits plan design & the local healthcare network available in the region, we can help you find suitable insurers that offer comprehensive plans & coverage that offer the highest quality of care.

Group Life Insurance

Provides for the employee’s family if he or she loses his/her life while a member of the plan. The benefit is typically based on a multiple of the employees’ earnings – sometimes it’s a flat amount, sometimes it’s a staggering payout.


Our team can help tailor policies to cover

  • Accidental loss of life
  • Critical illness cover
  • Dependent life insurance policies

Group Travel Insurance

An international assignment or traveling for a work trip can be an incredible life experience as well as a time for your employees to grow within the company International consultants can be a valuable asset to your business. Providing your workers with the proper international medical and travel insurance will ensure your company can breathe easy; your employees will be insured should any unexpected events arise while they are working outside their home country.

Travelers can also take advantage of a round-the-clock helpline for immediate assistance with unforeseen emergencies, like passport loss, luggage misplacement and the like.

Employer’s Liability and Workmen Compensation

In today’s times, while it is essential to provide your workforce with adequate coverage, it is also important to protect yourself against any liabilities, especially when it comes to employee accidents in the workspace. Managing employee health and safety risks are an important factor in protecting company assets as well as employee wellbeing. Worker’s compensation can cover medical services coverage, wage compensation for the time he is disabled, and cover employer liability.


  1. Occupational Death
    24 months of the worker’s last remuneration before the death subject to a minimum of Dhs.18,000/- and maximum of Dhs.35,000/-
  2. Permanent Disability
    Percentage of Death benefits as per the specified scale
  3. Loss of Wages (cash allowance)
    Up to the first six months 100% of full salary
    Balance six months 50% of full salary
  4. Medical Expenses
    Incurred at local Government or public medical centers are reimbursable

Political Risk & Violence Insurance

In today’s market, companies need to be aware of the potential benefits associated with opportunities in emerging markets, but at the same time, they need to be aware of the risks associated with operating in a foreign country and under a foreign jurisdiction. Unforeseen political events in these markets can lead to confiscation, seizure, expropriation, requisition for the title of use or willful physical destruction of property, deprivation and forced abandonment. In such a scenario, political risk insurance is available to protect the organization from decisions made by host countries that could adversely affect your business operations.


We can design your cover to include:

  • Sabotage by insurgents
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Riot, Strikes and/or Civil Commotion
  • Rebellion against the government
  • Coup d’état

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